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Meet Maurie and Ashley, the moms who care as much about your child’s academic success as you do.

As Directors of Learning Lab’s After School Programs, Maurie Ponder and Ashley Dugger-Lauer are also moms who well understand a student’s classroom struggles.It is their responsibility to ensure that our tutoring services are customized to accommodate your student’s unique learning skills, styles, and schedule. They know poor study habits, reading and math deficiencies, and inadequate orginational skills, are obstacles that prevent your child from achieving academic success.

In a one-on-one learning environment, our subject-specific tutors serve as mentors, goalsetters, and even cheerleaders to help children in grades pre-K – 12 increase knowledge while improving their study and organizational skills.

  • Tutors begin with an emphasis on time management, by helping students focus on completing assignments.
  • Students are tutored in all major subjects: Reading, Math, English, Social Studies, Science, and Foreign Languages.
  • Parents and teachers are provided with continuous feedback to ensure they remain abreast of the student’s tutoring progress.
  • Learning Lab’s one-on-one tutoring environment has proven to significantly improve classroom, homework, and testing performance.

For over 34 years, Learning Lab has provided unparalleled tutoring services to thousands of children throughout the Greater Nashville area. If your child appears to be losing the classroom struggle, Contact Maurie or Ashley now and put your student on the pathway to academic and life success.

Your tutors are incredible...truly gifted with kids! We could see a huge difference in our daughter after only a few sessions.

Heather, G.
Brentwood Mom of struggling English student.

Voted Best Tutors in Nashville, Brentwood, Tennessee