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Poor academic performance often results from lack of organization, rather than lack of effort. Does your child take incoherent notes? Have messy files? Problems locating study sheets? Good organizational skills can define a student’s academic success. Here is where it starts…Summer Learning at the Learning Lab.

FACT: When study skills improve, knowledge increases, confidence builds and grades go up.

The Learning Lab is much more than a place to learn.  It is a place for children to develop their learning skills and habits, for adolescents to cultivate critical thinking ability and for students of all ages to enhance their knowledge and understanding of academic subjects. We provide tutoring for those ages four to adult in all major subjects: ReadingMath, English, Social Studies, Chemistry, Science, even Foreign Language.  In a one-on-one learning environment, which we believe represents the most effective way to learn, our professional educators serve as mentors, goal setters and the instruments of comprehensive learning experiences.

At the Learning Lab we offer consultation services and instruction throughout the Nashville area that meets each family’s needs with flexible year-round scheduling.

The Learning Lab Approach allows us to teach skills, strategies, and concepts which are conducive to academic and life success. Learning Lab tutors serve the Brentwood, Franklin, and Nashville communities at our centers. We can also provide learning services for others in Middle Tennessee via custom, in-home tutoring.

What an amazing experience! Learning Lab has boosted my son's confidence in math and science more than I could have ever imagined.

Cathie C.
Nashville Mom


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