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Homeschooling has made a remarkable resurgence in America. More and more, parents are choosing to lead the educational experiences of their children rather than follow. While this can be exciting for both the student and the parent, even a professional teacher would be hard pressed to teach all subjects at all grade levels. That is why the Learning Lab features Gateway Academy, your complete homeschool support system in Nashville.  

For homeschooling to be successful it is imperative that parents and students Plan for Homeschool Success. Learning Lab partners with parents to provide additional tutoring and learning support to teach, evaluate and structure their child’s education.  Parents maintain control over their child’s curriculum and receive continuous feedback on progress through written reports and conferences.

At Gateway Academy, we teach all subjects for all grades. Working side-by-side with parents, the Learning Lab provides individualized learning programs for all students to guarantee that they will receive a high quality education that prepares them effectively for higher education – and for life. Our year-round schedule also provides maximum flexibility for the schedules of both parents and students, while meeting all state guidelines for subject areas and graduation requirements.


The phenomenon of homeschooling is a wonderful example of the American can-do attitude.

- Steve Forbes

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