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Assessment Center

If you and your child haven’t been through the process of psychoeducational testing, it’s normal to have a lot of questions. Your physician or an educational professional referred you, so now what? You’ve landed in the right place. The Assessment Center at The Learning Lab has administered psychoeducational evaluations in Nashville and Brentwood for over 30 years.

What’s a psychoeducational assessment? It’s a really long name for a group of tests, typically taken over several days, that are designed to provide detailed information about a child’s learning profile, how he/she processes all kinds of information, and of course, specific academic skills (reading, written expression, math, listening comprehension, oral expression, etc.).

Your child will participate in a series of standardized, interactive assessments with an examiner at either our Brentwood or Nashville office, whichever is most convenient for you. After the evaluation process is complete, we’ll meet with you to make specific recommendations to help your student improve and succeed in school.

When to Consider Testing

  • Parents may consider testing when:
    • You are curious about your child’s true capabilities
    • Reading, writing, and/or math skills are not developing at expected levels for one’s age and grade
    • The child’s academic performance does not seem to match his/her ability
    • School is stressful and overwhelming
    • School causes excessive anxiety and frustration, or conflict at home
    • Standardized testing scores are low or surprising
    • A child doesn’t want to go to school
    • Homework lingers long past the expected completion time every night
    • A child’s behavior appears “out of sync” with friends and/or siblings
    • You or someone who works with your child sees possible signs of a learning disability
    • It has been nearly 3 years (or more than 3 years) since your child’s last psychoeducational evaluation

  • What Testing Can Reveal
    • Preferred learning modes and problem-solving styles
    • General cognitive processing issues (weaknesses in memory, deficits in attention, reduced work speed, etc.)
    • Academic strengths and weaknesses (for younger children, this can mean pre-academic readiness skills and overall developmental levels)
    • Cognitive (IQ) abilities
    • Anxiety and frustration tolerance during problem-solving
    • A description of your child’s ability to sustain his/her attention and focus during academic tasks
    • If appropriate, a formal clinical diagnosis or suggestions for involvement with related professionals in mental health or education
    • Most importantly, detailed recommendations for intervention, treatment, and future steps for parents based on the profile revealed during the course of the evaluation process

  • 5 Reasons The Assessment Center at The Learning Lab is the right choice.
    • We provide a caring and private testing environment.
    • Our systems allow for customization and quick appointment times.
    • Academic strengths and weaknesses (for younger children, this can mean pre-academic readiness skills and overall developmental levels)
    • We have been providing quality assessment services to our clients in the greater Nashville area for over 30 years.
    • Our primary goal is to provide an exceptional product for your family while meeting your expectations for quality and service.


What an Amazing experience! Learning Lab has boosted my son's confidence in math and science more than I could have ever imagined.

- Nashville mom, Cathie C.

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