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Gateway Academy

Meet Blair Powers and Dr. David Dunn, Learning Lab Brentwood and Nashville Center Directors respectively, and Heads of Gateway Academy. As career educators, and innovative leaders, Blair and David have keen insights into those children who simply do not fit into a traditional classroom setting. Their proven solution for success? Learning Lab’s Gateway Academy. A fully accredited private learning environment – founded by professional educators and psychologists – where students receive one-to-one instruction for all subjects, all grades, all year long. In addition, Gateway’s rolling calendar enrollment allows families that are heavily travel-oriented, the opportunity to secure an extraordinary education for their child – without disrupting their travel schedule.

Gateway Academy students include those who:

  • Require flexible schedules due to their extraordinary participation in sports or the arts.
  • Can benefit from additional technologies to enhance their ability to learn.
  • Find themselves a bit out of step – academically and/or socially.
  • Require a more flexible curriculum because of learning issues.

With years of successful history, Gateway Academy classrooms represent a classroom of one where each student is presented with curriculum customized to match their unique level of intelligence and aptitude.
Almost without exception, our Gateway students experience a significant boost in self-confidence, subject mastery, and enhanced critical thinking skills.

To learn more about the benefits of Gateway Academy’s unique approach to education, schedule a consultation with Blair or David, please contact them either by email or or call the Gateway Academy location nearest you.

...our son is receiving a top-notch education from a remarkable staff, in an environment that supports his style of, he is genuinely happy to be at school, for the first time in a long time.

Lisa B.
Nashville area mom


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