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About Us

The Learning Lab team is much more than an assembly of professional administrators, educators and psychologists. Each member represents a knowledgeable, dedicated expert who is eagerly intent on working collaboratively to help the children of all client families overcome academic struggles and achieve their full learning potential. The team’s commitment to students and their families is best underscored by Learning Lab’s 34 year history of ongoing success stories.

The Learning Lab Approach

Research based, results driven, and success-celebrated are the underpinnings of our unique approach at Learning Lab. Locally owned and operated since our founding in 1985, we strive to unlock the educational potential in each child we serve by instilling in them a desire to learn. As our students begin their journey through our specially-designed, one-on-one learning environment, our staff of exceptional tutors and teachers methodically sharpen students’ skills.

Ultimately, their self-confidence grows and becomes the foundation for the student’s future academic and life successes. Each student’s journey is carefully mapped and monitored beginning with a) a full identification and understanding of the student’s learning issues; b) development of a comprehensive plan to address specific needs; c) the building of a partnership between students, parents, teachers, tutors, and where appropriate, medical professionals; d) frequent evaluation and monitoring of the student’s progress, and e) a well-deserved celebration of student successes for milestones of progress achieved along the way.

Assurance to Students and Parents.

Our Learning Lab team cares as much about your child’s comfort and safety as we do our own. In addition to making sure that our employees and professional staff members adhere to the highest of academic standards, each one is rigorously background checked and drug screened to ensure that our students’ safety and security is held to equally high standards.

Keeping Everyone in the Loop is Priority.

Continuous monitoring of student progress means continuous communication between administrators, parents, tutors, teachers, and other professionals. Thanks to our proprietary software, appropriately titled “In The Loop”, all parties are provided immediate and continuous reporting of a student’s on-going progress, successes, and/or other issues.

This may sound overly dramatic...but Learning Lab changed my daughter's life!...They helped her overcome enormous challenges with staying focused,while struggling with math and science deficiencies. After watching her blossom academically, we are big believers in the caring and supportive Learning Lab staff.

Margaret M.
Nashville mom of student who once struggled in nearly all subjects.

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